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Juicy Green Express Inc.

About Us

Dessert On-The-Go

If you enjoy bubble tea, lemonade or desserts based in Asia, this is for you!

Tasty, nutritious and completely unique, Juicy Green Express Inc. serves up delicious desserts and beverages at numerous events and locations! 

The complete experience only happens when you actually show up, so go ahead and follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay updated for real-time truck location updates; we might be parked at a location near you soon. Come say hi, your taste buds will be glad you did.

Hi there! If you are interested in booking us for catering, feel free to email us at! Our goal is to meet our customers' needs, so we will try our best to do so! Thank you for all your support!


We offer two options when catering. If you are looking for bubble tea or lemonade, that will be our Juicy Green Express beverage food trailer. If you are looking for dessert, that will be our Fusion Icy food truck. Thanks!

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